About Us


Eyermann Design Studio

Integration of Alternative Technologies into a truly Superior Lifestyle, which benefits ourselves, our fellow humans, all creatures & the earth... In the logo on the left you can "see" our integration of homes & vehicles. We postulate that a tight, externally insulated, mass wall system built home will require far less energy, therefore it can then fiscally effectively be integrated with Solar for heating, Geothermal "ambient" temperature for cooling, plus Solar lighting & electric for power... with Electric Vehicles!!


AICF... Asymmetrical Insulated Concrete Forms

These are "Forms" which are assembled to create the structure of a home or commercial building. The Forms are then filled with concrete to create a permanent structure.... Our AICF's are fabricated utilizing sorted, dried, ground-up, heat disinfected/sanitized Refuse Granules mixed into three proprietary percentages of concrete... as a alternative means of helping large cities & small towns dealing with "our" millions of tons of refuse!!


ERV... Electric Recreating Vehicles...

  1. = ERV1... Electric Bicycles & Tricycles... The business I started in 2013, and in which I am now engaged and actively promoting.
  2. = ERV2... The.enclosed tricycle, Quad EV & Solar Car I intend to develop & start offering for sale "in the near future"..
  3. My Passion... an all electric high performance light sport STOL aircraft. I own the aircraft, and intend to build a shop, on land which I currently "own", then rebuild an "Avid Flyer EV" in my shop..