"NEW YEAR SALE" 100% Complete KITs for $195!!

 We have some year end & new year expenses, that we need to meet, so we are initiating a "NEW YEAR" SALE! 

For a limited time we are selling up to 50 kits at $195 each... these 100% complete KITs were $395 to $425.
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In-Hub Motor KITs only!! NEW YEAR Sale Price Does NOT include Center Drive Kits, nor Lithium Batteries!!

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E-Drive Systems "In-Hub" "Center Drive" & Lithium Batteries

16" solid "Mag" Wheels

These solid "mag" wheel hub motors are extremely rigid & tough. Great for kids bikes, because they can take a lot of abuse.

18", 24", 26" and larger

We have various sizes of rims available in our inventory. It is a simple matter to remove the original wheel and replace it with a hub motor

Rear Drive & Front Drive Hubs

We believe the rear drive set-up is best, as it gets better traction, less slippage, and a rear weight bias for good handling characteristics.

Center Drive Kit

These are the latest technology drive systems. They go further because the motor is smaller. They have a gear reduction for more torque.

Installs Fast & Easy

The process involves removal of the original pedals, crank arms & crank shaft. Then the Unit fits into the tube and uses your pedals. 

Alternate Gear Ratios

We can supply different Drive Gears (Chain Wheels) to raise or lower the final drive ratio, for more speed, or more power as you desire.