100% Complete KITs to fit virtually any Bicycle

 We have Complete Kits in our inventory consisting of a powerful 500 Watt 36 volt hub motor laced into various size rims, with rim band, tube & tire, a 36 volt, 20 amp controller, upgraded deluxe twist grip throttle, two brakes/levers, with electric cut out when braking, a charger and a fused wiring harness.

We also have hub motors, controllers, and all our other Kit components available separately. We will share the contact information of a custom spoke fabricator, so you can lace a hub motor into almost any rim. For a fee we will measure your rim (which you have sent to us) determine the spoke size, order the spokes (usually about 2 weeks availability), lace a hub motor into your rim, and ship it back to you.    

You can scroll down to view bicycles we have built for clients. You will also see custom frame bicycles we have built. We have some e-bikes already built in our inventory, of various types, such as; Beach Cruiser, Full Suspension (light duty off road), Solid Frame with only Front Suspension, "Standard" solid frame & fork, (examples, our inventory changes regularly). These bikes are 100% complete "tuned" and are ready to ship. Please call for inventory availability and pricing (plus boxing, padding, and with shipping cost). 

Please note, we do NOT have any batteries in stock. Batteries are entirely your responsibility.
These KITs, motors and controllers are 36 volts ONLY. 24 volts will not work, 48 volts, or more will immediately blow the fuse, and may burn out the controller. We have clients who bought 48 volt controllers on line, and then ran the motors on 48 volts, which then puts out 750 watts, which is a 50% increase in power.  

We offer no Warranty on motors being ran with higher voltage controllers.
Many Battery sources are available on line. "Batteries & Bulbs" is one such source.

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E-Drive Systems "In-Hub" and "Center Drive" Systems

16" solid "Mag" Wheels


These solid "mag" wheel hub motors are extremely rigid & tough. Great for kids bikes, because they can take a lot of abuse.

18", 24", 26" and larger


We have various sizes of rims available in our inventory. It is a simple matter to remove the original wheel and replace it with a hub motor

Rear Drive & Front Drive Hubs


We believe the rear drive set-up is best, as it gets better traction, less slippage, and a rear weight bias for good handling characteristics.

Center Drive Kit


These are the latest technology drive systems. They go further because the motor is smaller. They have a gear reduction for more torque.

Installs Fast & Easy


The process involves removal of the original pedals, crank arms & crank shaft. Then the Unit fits into the tube and uses your pedals. 

Alternate Gear Ratios


We can supply different Drive Gears (Chain Wheels) to raise or lower the final drive ratio, for more speed, or more power as you desire.